La Tarde Polo Club Breeding, Training and Sale Programme

Here at La Tarde Polo club we breed, train sell horses all of which have the speed, agility and stamina that is required of the best breed of polo pony.

Over the years we have seen a large increase in the number of guest’s purchasing our Polo Ponies after having had the opportunity to ride a large number and variety during their stay. The relationship between rider and pony becomes so important during play, that most guests find it difficult to leave them behind in Argentina.
Registered as part of the Argentine Polo Breeding association, we supply horses for any price range and from low goal to high goal players. At any given time of the year we have between 50 and 70 horses for different standards of play
All matters of the sale to the shipping to your country of preference will be smoothly managed by ourselves, using the most prestigious horse export companies in Argentina.

Why are the Argentine polo ponies the best in the world?
Here in Argentina the choice and standard of polo pony to purchase from is much higher than anywhere else in the world.
Over the years Argentina has developed a polo pony that excels at the game that to how the horses are breed, broken in and then trained.
Here at La Tarde Polo Club we use a new method of breaking in our horses, which is more rational and far less aggressive, and whilst the process is much longer the results excel any other techniques.
The process begins as soon as the foul is born, the first steps being to teach the foal how to lose its fear of human beings. One must always remember that the horse is an animal of prey, so one must breakdown its defences in order to create the strong relationship between human and horse that lasts for their entire life.
Horses are herd animals and so we keep them in herds until they are a few years old.  The process of first riding the horse is very slow, first placing the saddle and then adding weights so eventually the horses does not notice the weight of any player.
Our ponies then begin to start playing when they are about 4 1/2 years old and are ready to sell once they are 6 years old. We only feel it suitable to sell our breed horses once they have played 2 summer seasons in Argentine, so that our clients purchase a polo pony that has had enough play time and contact experience to have learnt all they need to know about the game ready for any player to take over.
For prices, availability and with anymore enquiries regarding our Breeding, training and sale programme please email
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