Polo Clinic

La Tarde Polo Clinic offers various riding and polo activities which are tailored to suit the needs of our guests, making it an ideal club for individuals or groups with mixed abilities, ages and interests.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our horses that are bred on the farm, that live up to the high standard which is expected of Argentine polo ponies. Combined with the professionalism of our instructors and the hospitality of the Sarli family, La Tarde Polo Club is the ideal place for every element of polo.
It is highly important to us that all of guests feel relaxed and comfortable with the game. We ensure there is always a friendly atmosphere on the pitch and that there is quality coaching from the professional players who are on hand at all times to answer any questions.

Methods of Polo Tuition:
  • Theoretical lessons  -  The fundamentals of horsemanship, rules, hitting techniques and game strategy are explained and discussed in the clubhouse or (stables whilst drinking matte (a traditional Argentine drink). We will go into detail on the aims of the game, positions and functions of the players, the game in attack and defence, throwing in, penalties and the role of the umpire. The theory is supported by written material and also with videos of games so as to analyse each situation.

  • Stick and cage tuition - This practice takes place on a metal horse where the correct mechanism of each swing is practised.  Here you will be observed and guided by instructors on the different angles and positions of the legs, posture and shoulder rotation, the various combinations of each polo swing, mobility on the saddle, and the grip of the stick. We will also discuss and practise the physical preparation of the player using a number training exercises and stretches.
  • Stick and Ball lessons - During these lessons we practice on horseback all that has been learnt in the stick and cage. For beginners we start at a walking pace whilst  for the advanced this will be an opportunity to perfect our swing at a gallop. Here we also learn and practise how to ride-off and to how to hook the mallet of an opponent player, techniques, which are imperative to any polo match

  • Team practice Chukkas – 4 chukkas are played in the afternoon with instructors, professional players and other students. Here we will apply game strategy and beginners will get a true feeling for the adrenaline and addiction for this sport.  Afterwards we will review the chukkas we have just played and discuss strengths and weaknesses for future chukka practices and competitive matches.
  • Horse riding lessons – For those with no or very little riding experience horse riding lessons are available. During these sessions one will progress very quickly starting you from a gentle walk, to riding at a gallop or even bare back within a matter of days.

  • Horse riding through La Tarde Polo Club and the surrounding countryside.

During your stay at La Tarde Polo Club we shall ensure that you learn as much as you desire about polo horses and their physical characteristics, behaviour and temperament, breeds and selection of horses, training methods, feedings and cares, polo horse equipment: saddle, types of bits, etc and the history of polo.

Polo Day
If you are visiting Buenos Aires City and would like to live a different experience, La Tarde Polo Club offers you a complete service Polo day where you can learn more about this amazing sport in a fun packed day.
Our services start with pick up from our hotel at 8.30am, and breakfast will be served upon your arrival at La Tarde Polo Club. You will then take part in a typical day at La Tarde Polo Club (please see typical day at La Tarde Polo Club) and will then be driven back to the city before supper.

Club Member Chukkas:
For those who already know how to play it is possible to just come to the club for chukkas. Club chukkas usually take place on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact mailto:latarde@live.com?subject= for club member season rates
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